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Meditation Tools

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Meditation does not require any special devices or tools, all that is required is a willing individual and a little bit of time.

Some people find that they enjoy their meditations more or are able to find deeper, more meaningful meditations when using a meditation aid. This is by no means necessary.

There is a variety of tools that one can use to assist with meditation, from those aiding in finding and maintaining focus, to relaxing scents and music, to a comfortable chair or cushion to use.

One of the greatest things about meditation is that it is absolutely free, anyone can do it and its benefits are almost limitless.


Used in cultures around the world

Each stone or bead is used to guide and anchor oneself through meditation

Special stones or beads maybe used to create a mystical effect

Common types of prayer beads:







A dedicated or temporary space used to create an area of focus

Decorated to fit your personal style and appeal

Can be a reminder to meditate

Ideas for items on altar:

Scarf or tapestry



Statues/ Figurines

Crystals or Stones

Scripture or Inspirational Books



Can be used for focal point in meditation

Creates ambiance and sets calming mood

Utilizing different colors of candles in meditation can create different effects

Always use caution when burning candles and adhere to fire safety

Shawl or Blanket

May be used upon body if meditation space becomes chilly

Used in decorating alter space

Can be used when utilizing specific colors in meditation

Can be used to enhance warmth, deepening relaxation and allowing for a more focused meditation experience


Used in a wide variety of world religions

Soothes the mind creating a deeper sense of tranquility

Said to dispel negative energies, allowing for a positive state of mind

Different fragrances create different emotional and physiological effects

and can deeply enhance one’s meditation experience

Can be used to create habitual response, subconsciously prompting one into preparation for meditation

Always use caution while burning incense


Religious or spiritual statues or figurines may be used to create a deeper connection with the intention of meditation

May be used as focal points in meditation

Can be used to create meaning and ambiance in meditation space

It is important to be able to maintain proper posture and sit in stillness during meditation; one is encouraged to find a cushion, pillow, or chair that will accommodate

Kneeling Bench (Seiza Bench)

Small bench used to aid in kneeling meditation

Takes pressure off of the knees and ankles to enhance comfort while allowing meditation in the kneeling position

MeditationCushion (Zafu)

Sitting cushion used for meditation

Can be used on a chair, mat, or bare floor

Helps to raise the hips above knee level as well to make meditation comfortable, allowing a deeper, more meaningful meditation experience


Moving water creates negative ions providing health benefits as well as providing a tranquil environment for meditation

Maybe used as focus for meditation

Plants or Flowers

Some find that natural surroundings help with spiritual connectedness

Can be used as focus for meditation

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