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Is Meditation the Answer?

Let's face it...the past few years have not been easy on us as a collective. We have been turned upside down and inside out. If you look at your life now vs. prior to the pandemic, do you notice any differences? Ask yourself, are those changes that you notice for the better or for the worse? Do you find yourself more stressed or anxious? Is your mind swirling with thoughts or consumed with doom or gloom? Do you constantly feel overwhelmed or find yourself filled with negative emotions, frustration or anger?

All of these feelings and emotions have a direct impact on your nervous system, which in turn effects your performance at work and your daily activities. They can negatively influence how you feel within your body, your flow through your day, and your sleep at night, as well as how you engage and interact with your friends, co-workers, family, and loved ones.

Do you want to gain back your power? Have a greater sense of peace and ease within? We have the ability to make a evolve as human beings...level up...gain knowledge, understand ourselves more and what triggers us, and in turn, help us to show up as the best version of ourselves in work, love and energy?

For me personally, a lot has changed over the last two years. I am not living in the same State or work in the same field that I was pre-pandemic. Why? Because I knew it was time for a change as things were no longer serving my highest good. I needed to switch things up. I have been catapulted forward in doing things that align with my highest calling and do what sets my heart on fire. Part of my calling in life is teaching and sharing what I love so much with others.

I want to share with you that much of my inner peace and acceptance comes from the trust that I am being divinely guided. My wisdom comes from connection to my inner knowing. Much of this trust begins with my daily practice of meditation.

When I teach, I normally share that "we" are all more alike than we are different as human beings. I feel there is a way to come to a common ground, and look at each other as human beings trying to make our way through life. As I share the teachings of yoga, meditation, sound...whatever it is...I see myself as sprinkling some love, compassion, and kindness in our world.

I actually have a vision of being Tinkerbell as I fly around carrying my magic wand and sprinkling fairy dust on everyone bringing in inner peace, ease and harmony to all those that surround me. God knows we need it... especially in today's world where things have become so polarized and charged.

My "why" for meditation can become your why too! Meditation is the beautiful practice involving both modern and ancient techniques that provide endless benefits by simply coming into stillness. It assists with settling and sharpening your mind, calms your body, and uplifts your spirits. It has been shown to enhance your willpower, strengthen your attention, lower your blood pressure and assist with a better night's sleep.

Curious or intrigued? Want to begin your own meditation practice, but you are uncertain where or how to begin? Do you feel like you need guidance?

Let me assist you by joining my upcoming 4-week program, Ready, Set, Meditate. Allow me to guide you into a coming home to your true nature.

Whether you are new to the practice of meditation or want to strengthen your practice, this 4-week series is for you. In this workshop, we will discuss the who, what, where, how and why of meditation. We will review several topics including the benefits of meditation, misconceptions of meditation, the five essentials to any meditation practice, discuss stress and meditation, and learn a bit about the science of meditation. You will be exposed to several meditation practices, grow your practice of gratitude, dive into the power of positive affirmations, and be led in guided meditations.

This workshop will provide you with a strong foundation to create your daily practice. Ready, Set Meditate will begin on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. We will meet via zoom weekly for 60 minutes on Wednesdays for 4 weeks at 7:30 pm EST/4:30 pm MST. The program cost is $160 per person for the 4 weeks. Simply click here to grab your spot.

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