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I am a magnet for Abundance and Prosperity

Updated: May 4, 2022

Which came first? The love of crystals or the love of my alchemy crystal bowls? I don't know. I have asked myself that question for a while now. I always had a passion for crystals, but I didn't quite know what to do with them until I completed my Hibiscus Moon Crystal Practitioner class last year. Now, I use my crystals every day in all areas of my life.

I work with my crystal alchemy bowls many times during the week, and I have my personal stash of crystals that I work with on a daily basis. You can do so many things with crystals. You can wear them in your pockets, put them in your bra (😂😂), or wear as jewelry. You can also have them in your car, around your home, and use them to make crystal grids.

All crystals have spiritual meanings and healing properties. Depending on what you are working on is why you choose a particular crystal. Also know that there are several crystals that have the same meanings. You choose the crystal that is meant for you. I usually say lean into your intuition when choosing a crystal to work with. For example, I love Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a crystal known for its association with the heart chakra and with love. You would work with this crystal to help with unconditional love (sending and receiving), peace, and forgiveness. It works beautifully with love, romance and relationships. It's a soothing stone with positive vibes. It's definitely one crystal that is in the top 10 crystals to have in your home.

At the beginning of April, I set up the above-pictured crystal grid in my home. It is an abundance and prosperity grid. A crystal grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligned stones, charged by intention set in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective...My particular objective inviting in more abundance and prosperity in my life.

The grid contains green aventurine, tigers eye, citrine, and pyrite. Around the perimeter of the grid is desert rose and small chips of green aventurine and some sea shells.

Here's the skinny on the crystals that are in the grid:

Green Aventurine represents the stone of opportunity. It is useful in manifesting prosperity and wealth. It helps to diffuse negative situations and promotes a sense of well-being.

Pyrite is known as fools gold. It is also known to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity. It deflects negative energies and releases negative patterns of behavior. This stone also can enhance your strength of mind and willpower.

Citrine is the premier stone of manifestation. It helps infuse your spirit and personal will with positive energies and works to transform dreams and wishes into reality.

Tiger's Eye deepens your connection and helps you discover your authentic self. It's a stone of courage and motivation. It is also a stone of luck and good fortune. Tiger's eye is known to attract a steady flow of abundance to the holder.

Desert Rose is said to contain a spirit guardian and is known to be a protective talisman. It can also increase mental clarity and focus and inspire manifestation.

The basic components of a grid are:

➡️ The geometric pattern you will be placing your crystals the picture above, I am using the flower of life cloth grid. The flower of life usually consists of 19 overlapping circles that is considered to be sacred geometry.

➡️ You will want to choose all the crystals you will be using for the particular purpose you are working with. Make sure your center stone is larger than the other stones that will be surrounding it. This stone acts are your antennae.

➡️ Activation Wand - usually a clear quartz point

➡️ Your Intention - I write my intention down on paper. It can be a short affirmation or a positive phrase or word that is a statement that summarizes what it is you would like your crystal grid to bring about.

➡️ Sacred Space - Where in your home will you be placing this grid? It will most likely be up for a little while so find a space that is inviting and intentional.

➡️ Sage for cleansing your crystals - I use sage to cleanse the space where I am placing my grid, as well as cleanse all the crystals before I place them on the grid.

To set up your grid, you want to choose a sacred place within your home. I would then smudge the space and your crystals with sage. Begin by placing your crystals on the grid starting with your center stone in the middle of the grid. Place your surrounding crystals around the center stone in a symmetrical pattern.

State or write your affirmation/intention and place it under the center stone.

Then you will activate your grid. Your activation wand is the tool you are using to direct your intention/energy into your crystal grid. You will touch the center stone and then each of the surrounding crystals in a clockwise fashion until all of them have been activated. Visualize imaginary dots connecting the all the crystals and visualize your intention coming to fruition.

Your grid can stay in place for as long as you would like. Connect with the grid daily and make sure you refresh your crystals. Reactivate it once a month if necessary or until you feel like your intention has manifested. It's as simple as that!

It's so cool and amazing and an awesome way to see things manifest in your life. If you like my crystal grid and want to create your own, visit my crystal store here and purchase an entire crystal grid kit. They are called the Journey Jars and contain everything you need to make your own grid at home.

I sell three separate kits you can purchase -- Abundance and Prosperity, Affinity (Love), and Attunement (higher states of consciousness). I am so in love with these crystal products, I wanted to share them with you.

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