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Promoted to Magazine Section!

What a big deal! My contribution to the Elephant Journal was promoted to the Magazine Section!!


The other day I opened up my personal emails to notice I received an exciting email from Elephant Journal, a digital publication that I subscribe to and admire. The subject line read "Kinda of Big Deal..."  This journal shares tips with their readers on how to live a more MINDFUL life which aligns with my lifestyle.

To my deep surprise, one of their editors picked up my instant contribution article and move it to publish it in the magazine section. In other words, they loved it and it got promoted for thousands of readers to consume.  I was blown away and filled with excitement. When I wrote this article, I stepped outside my comfort zone and vulnerably shared about how my controlling perfectionism spiraled out of control and I was taught some deep life's lessons. 

I want to share the article with you. It provides you insight into my transformation. When you read it, maybe you will see a little bit of me within you and understand why it's essential to have a tools to navigate life.  Namaste! 

"How my Husband’s Death Cured me of my Control-Freak Perfectionism."

I spent many years of my life striving for perfection. I wanted the perfect house with the pristine yard, perfect car, perfect outfits, and the perfect job.

I exhausted myself with making all things perfect. Everything was neat and orderly—there was a place for everything—and everything was in its place.

My type-A personality fed into the desire for perfection. I struggled for years to rest into greater ease and joy and to drop the need to be perfect in all things. I muscled my way through life, striving for the perfect outcome.

Click here for the full article.

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