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The Prosperity Crystal Set and Crystal Grid Kit focuses on manifesting ABUNDANCE, yet the goal is to help you reach your harmonic center and find your inner balance.

When your mind, body, and spirit are properly aligned, the universe readily responds. Learn to interpret an unspoken yet physical language with the Prosperity Journey Crystal Grid spell jar and begin manifesting your desires today and cleanse your space.

COMPLETE CRYSTAL GRID KIT - Designed to explore your inner truth, self, and spirit. Guided by your higher consciousness and the combined energies of over fifteen (15) all-natural, Grade “A” quality crystals, and stones.

Discover how you can use your crystal grid set to change your vibrational levels, remove negative energy, and communicate with the universe.

Step-by-step Suggested Use guidebook included.



Six (6) Tumbled Citrine Crystals

• To manifest joy, abundance, wealth & prosperity

Four (4) Tumbled Green Aventurine Crystals

• To impart strength, courage & confidence

One (1) Rough Green Aventurine Crystal

• For luck and happiness

Two (2) Tumbled Tiger’s Eye Crystals

• To focus the mind and promote mental clarity

Two (2) Pyrite Nuggets

• To provide strength, stability, and protection from negative energies, while increasing prosperity and attracting wealth, and bringing positive energy into the space

One (1) Desert Rose Selenite Crystal

• To realign the chakra system and provide you with a spirit guardian on your new path

4 oz. Bottle of Crystal Chips

12” Square Cloth Crystal Grid

Key Ring of Crystal Info Cards

Souvenir Token Keyring Cards (x5)

Satin Carrying Pouch

5” Tassel

Chinese Charm

21 oz. Glass Libbey Status Jar with Lid

Journey Jar - Prosperity

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