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Spiritual Life Designer Coach 

Grit and Grace Meditation - Certified Life Designer Coach

Are You Ready for an authentic change in your Life?  

Inside of my Coaching Program, you will learn how to implement lasting changes in your life to create the life you desire through stress reduction, transformational mindset shifts, and releasing unwanted patterns and behaviors.

It's time to transform your life, live intentionally, and choose how
your life unfolds!

Grit and Grace Meditation - Cheryl Bailey
Grit and Grace Meditation - Sound Meditation

My Offerings

Let's Co-Create Your Best Life

The journey of life doesn’t come with a roadmap. We will all experience twists and turns, highs and lows, and there is never a perfect outcome.


Here’s the good news...whenever we find ourselves traveling down a path that doesn’t serve us, we can pivot at any time. We all have the power to live the lives we were meant to live.


My passion is unlocking the light that shines in each of you and how to be your best self! 

I offer customized packages to help you step into your greatness and live your best life.


  • Customized 3 or 6 month packages with an option to add
    additional voice/message support

Find ways to:

To move beyond loss and/or radical change in their life

Reduce daily stress

Build self-awareness and inner peace

Increase your ability to focus on what matters most to you

Face difficult situations in life with more clarity

Create balance between personal and work life

Overcome the self-doubt and negative thought patterns

Together we will focus on what you wish to optimize in your life.


My years of training in the health/wellness world, paired with my life coaching certification, is here to support you on your journey. 

Grit and Grace Meditation - Cheryl Bailey
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