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Spiritual Life Designer Coach 

Transform your life, live intentionally, and choose how

your life unfolds. 


Are You Ready for an authentic change in your Life?  


If you are ready to reframe your mindset, release unwanted patterns,

and create a life you love. 

Find out how my Coaching Program will empower you to make changes

and learn how you can start living your best life right now. 

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Personal Coaching

Let's Co-Create Your Best Life

The journey of life doesn’t come with a roadmap. We will all experience twists and turns, highs and lows, and there is never a perfect outcome.


Here’s the good news...whenever we find ourselves traveling down a path that doesn’t serve us, we can pivot at any time. We all have the power to live the lives we were meant to live.


My passion is unlocking the light that shines in each of you and how to be your best self! I offer customized packages to help you step into your greatness and live your best life.


Let's work together and focus on what you wish to optimize in your life. 

Get in-depth guidance through 60-minute sessions as well as access to me via text or email support.

My years of training in the health/wellness world, paired with my life coaching certification, is 

here to support you on your journey. 


Let's dive in and let me help you find ways to:


To move beyond loss and/or radical change in their life

Reduce daily stress

Build self-awareness and inner peace

Increase your ability to focus on what matters most to you

Face difficult situations in life with more clarity

Create balance between personal and work life

Overcome the self-doubt and negative thought patterns

As your life coach, I am committed to work with you to get your desired results.
 Don't believe me, allow me to share testimonials of what clients are saying. 



Here's what clients are saying...

I had the opportunity to connect with Cheryl at the best time in my life-when I was open to hear what she had to say and learn from her. For years my task oriented self has stayed so busy that there has been little time to tune into my heart, or my reactive and responsive feelings. In my gut, I know my path needs to change in order to experience a more fulfilled life, but the shift has been arduous.  


Within the first 15 minutes of talking with Cheryl, she was able to pick-up on what lights me up and where I am stuck. To have someone that I don’t know hone in on an agonizing inter-personal space was oddly comforting and reassuring. I could see that this person could somehow provide me with tools to keep me moving forward. After only a few 1:1 sessions, the tools Cheryl has provided are in fact helpful.  Her encouragement, strength and courage are transferred to me with each session and I am truly grateful.  Now it’s up to me to do the work, practicing on my own and reaching out for Cheryl’s assistance when I get stuck on my path.


-Allison G.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Cheryl for life coaching sessions.  The experience was inspirational and transformational. 


Cheryl actively listened and then presented me with practical guidance.  We covered a lot of territory during our sessions, including the exploration of career options, learning to trust the Universe, and generally creating happiness and peace. Cheryl’s experiences as a human resources professional, certified yoga and meditation instructor, and sound healer make her uniquely qualified to undertake this important work.


Cheryl’s investment in helping me to create my next path was palpable. She guided our conversations with heart-felt enthusiasm, and came from a place of authenticity and empathy. Cheryl generously shared her own story and journey with me, making her infinitely relatable, compassionate, and without judgment.


Each session with Cheryl has left me feeling supported and optimistic about the future and trusting of what the Universe has in store.

- Lisa L. 

Deciding to work with a coach was a huge decision for me and the results have been worth it. Working with Cheryl helped me move out of my comfort zone and to think out side the box. 

Her gifts really shine through as we worked one-on-one together by allowing me to find my own power and voice. I love how she was able to show me what my 

blinders were not allowing me to see. I am grateful I made the decision and spent the time with Cheryl. 

- Tracy S. 

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