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"Thank you Cheryl for leading a discussion on meditation,

as well as leading us in a guided meditation at the first

Wellness At Work event at Rowan College of South Jersey;

hosted by the STEM Division. While your ability to strive

to be of service to staff and students is one of your defining characteristics, your enthusiasm and experience on the

practice of meditation is inspiring.  Thank you for engaging

your peers while expanding their knowledge and experience

with meditation and the benefits it provides.  You helped

the attendees feel informed and comfortable with participating. 

It has been a privilege to work with you and we look forward

to working with you at future events.  

- Linda Maher, Assistant Dean, STEM Division

Rowan College of South Jersey  



"I have meditated sporadically over the last several years,

but never made it a part of my daily routine." 

Grit and Grace's 21-day meditation challenge came to me during a very stressful time in my life.  I knew that I needed to find a way to deal with things before it negatively impacted my health.  With Cheryl's caring and expert knowledge, she introduced me to a handful of meditations, some I had never heard of.  During the challenge, Cheryl's guidance through videos, emails and posts were easy to understand and follow.  I felt her genuine care and excitement as we traveled through the process.  I am hoping she does another challenge, as I would absolutely join in.  Thank

you Cheryl for helping me incorporate meditation into my life. 

It has been a true blessing!

- Kim, Marlton, NJ


I am so very grateful for meeting Cheryl yesterday!  She exudes passion and enthusiasm that penetrates ~ giving me the desire and guidance to begin a new journey.  I have talked about and wanted to do this for many many years and now I feel I have the beginning tools to start an amazing journey guiding me to whom I want to be and where I want to go in life.  

You certainly have found your purpose and to know you are already impacting our youth in such a powerful way is awesome!!  Wishing you well in your new practice as you have the power to positively impact so many!  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Linda Clem-Biggs 

My unit conducted a two week fitness camp which was designed to improve our Soldiers mental and spiritual health along with the physical and dietary aspects.

Cheryl led a meditation/mindfulness seminar that taught our Soldiers several stress management techniques and a guided meditation session on the beach.

Her seminar truly helped our Soldiers by teaching us skills that we needed to navigate highly stressful and traumatic situations emotionally and spiritually.

Much thanks to Cheryl for everything,

we look forward to working with you again in the future.

-1SG Eric J. Easter

Thank you so much for being a shining light.  You have spread so much joy and mindfulness to those around you, simply by being you! 

~ Suzanne Taylor-King

I first met Cheryl at an event

my college hosted. We

talked and she shared the

experiences that had led her

on this spiritual journey. I

was truly amazed by her

strength and positivity after

hearing all that she had

overcome. She had learned

so much and was ready to

share her knowledge of

meditation, and the benefits

of it with everyone. So, I

asked if she would be

interested in teaching a large

group of US Army soldiers to

meditate, which I thought

may be a bit challenging, but

not for Cheryl! She

immediately accepted. She was

able to teach me, my

husband and many others in

the military to

meditate which in turn,

has helped with falling asleep.

We were all extremely

surprised at how much

meditation helped us!

Cheryl is an amazing, sweet,

and genuine soul that I truly

enjoyed working with and

hope to work with again


Laura Easter

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