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The Attunement & Connection Journey Stone Collection focuses on enhancing your FLOW OF LIFE and energy current. It aims to establish and strengthen the connection between our physical world and our natural being. It is the first step in a new journey and will open your senses to a new awareness.

When your mind, body, and spirit are properly aligned, the universe readily responds. Learn to connect and interpret this unspoken yet physical language with the Attunement Journey Stones Crystal Grid Set and begin manifesting your desires today.



Two (2) Tumbled Lapis Lazuli Crystals
Two (2) Blue Celestite Nuggets
Four (4) Tumbled Sodalite Crystals
Six (6) Tumbled Amethyst Crystals
Two (2) Rough Amethyst Crystals

One (1) Rough Rainbow Moonstone Crystal
4 oz. Bottle of Crystal Chips

12” Square Cloth Crystal Grid
Key Ring of Crystal Info Cards
Souvenir Token Keyring Cards (x5)
Satin Carrying Pouch
5” Tassel
Feather Charm
21 oz. Glass Libbey Status Jar with Lid 

Journey Jar - Attunement

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