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Welcome spiritual souls!

My name is Cheryl Bailey, and I am excited that you found your way to my website.

Our paths have crossed for a reason. I am excited and passionate about helping you

step into your greatness and co-create your best life. If you wish to make positive changes, allow me to assist you in making those shifts.

I've walked in your shoes for a reason, and I believe it is so I can teach you how

you live your best life one breath at a time. The journey of life doesn’t come

with a roadmap. We will all experience twists and turns, highs and lows, and

there is never a perfect outcome.


Here’s the good news -- whenever we find ourselves traveling down a path that

doesn’t serve us, we can pivot at any time. We all have the power to live the lives

we were meant to live. My passion is unlocking the light within that shows

each client how to show up to life shining as their best self! 


Life Coaching

One on One Coaching 

Personalized Sound Healing/Yoga Session

Private Healing Sessions

Online Programs for Individuals

Meditation is Simple to Incorporate into Daily Living


“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose

your response. In your response lies your growth and your freedom.” - Viktor Frankl


●  Are you caught in a downward spiral of stress, anxiety, and exhaustion?

●  Do you strive for perfection and struggle to feel content?

●  Do you lack a sense of purpose and direction?

●  Are you feeling disconnected from others, your values, and yourself?

You don't have to empty or silence your thoughts!

You don't need tools, special clothes, or lengthy lessons!

There are only three requirements to learn to meditate:

 willingness to learn 

your attention 

a focus

If you think that's hard, it isn't! I will teach you how to meditate easily, gracefully,

and successfully.
I believe that learning to meditate is one of the best decisions you will ever make. But don't

take my word for it, you can directly experience the benefits of meditation and decide

for yourself if it's right for you.

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My Credentials

Master’s Degree, Human Services


Bachelor’s Degree, Human Resources


200 Hour Certified Mindfulness/Meditation Instructor (CMMI)

Certified MMI ® Mindful Trainer -
(Mindfulness in Workplace)


200 Registered Yoga Teacher

40 hour Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher

Sound Healing Facilitator - Crystal Alchemy Bowls

Baptiste Foundation - #Unstoppable Program

Meditations featured on Insight Timer 


Certified Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga Instructor


doTerra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate 

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