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What is Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra?

According to the National Institute of Health, 70% of American adults report that they get insufficient sleep at least one night a month, and 11% report insufficient sleep every night. While there is definitely no substitute for a good night’s sleep, there is a combination of meditation and yoga that comes close to offering a great night’s sleep. It’s called Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra. In fact, yoga and meditation experts believe that one 30-minute practice of Yoga Nidra equals approximately two hours of deep sleep. The best part about this particular practice is that you don’t need to practice yoga or twist yourself into any particular yoga pose. If you can lie down in svasana (corpse pose), then you’ve got it. The practice of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra is a yogic sleep and is more a meditative practice. Divine Sleep® is a guided meditation that has the power to transform, heal and rejuvenate you at core levels and it’s completely foolproof! There is absolutely no way to practice it wrong.

The first time I tried yoga nidra, I was perhaps a bit skeptical and curious. But after my first time, I realized it brought me to a totally relaxed, blissful state. I have explored the practice over the years and more recently took a 40-hour teacher training because the practice has had such profound effects for me. In October, I was trained by the creator of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra, Jennifer Reis. Jennifer has developed and led dynamic retreats and teacher trainings for over 22 years. What an exceptional experience that was for me. Each day of the training, we would begin our day with a yoga class topped off with a guided Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra. And, each time the experience was mystical for me. I would lightly drift in and out of consciousness, knowing I was fully supported in a safe environment. I know love to teach the class so others can experience the effects!

How Does Yoga Nidra Work?

There are several ways of practicing Yoga Nidra, but this specific practice of Divine Sleep® takes you on a blissful journey through the five layers of the energetic body known as Koshas. While you are in a relaxed state, you are systematically and verbally guided through body sensing, breath awareness, and guided imagery to feel the five Kosha levels which represent the physical body, the energy-breath body, the mental-emotional body, the intuition-witness body, and the bliss body.

Each Divine Sleep® begins with setting a conscious intention, called your Sankulpa. This is your heart’s deepest desire. Then you simply let go and allow for deep relaxation of the body, mind and emotions. Your unconscious can then open up to new ways of thinking, healing, and fulfilling your conscious intentions. Whether you want to try Divine Sleep® to help you relax and release stress, or you want to gain access to creating real positive changes in your life, the practice can help you reach your goals.

Find Transformation Within

One of the magical ways that Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra works is by switching your body out of flight or fight response mode and into the rest and relaxation response. Many individuals today are in a constant state of anxiety. This practice is a perfect way to bring you back into balance which is exactly what your body needs to have occur in order to be in its natural healing state. Your body knows exactly what to do to attain, and maintain, perfect health and equilibrium. You have to find the method that works for you to switch into that healing modality. Divine Sleep® is the key that can help you bring you effortlessly, compassionately, and rapidly into relaxation and health.

Divine Sleep® can also give you access to your deeper levels of your true self, so that you can feel a deeper connection. Divine Sleep can assist you to being open to living to your fullest potential.

Seeing and feeling is believing…and, I can only educate you so much about Yoga Nidra through writing about it in my blog post. The real wisdom comes from experiencing the practice for yourself. If you wish to try this beautiful relaxing practice find your local yoga studio and ask if they offer this type of class. If you live in the South Jersey area, I will be leading a class in January and February, 2020. Support yourself and practice self-care in the new year! Join me for an evening of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra and experience deeper levels of peace and health than you ever imagined possible. Give yourself permission to rest and restore, tapping into new sources of energy. Be supported, held, and nourished as you discover profound peace and vibrant health. Check out my website for more information about signing up for the rest you need!

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