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Yoga Nidra/Sound Healing at Sedonya Living Conscious Center 

Sundays at 4:30 pm 
120 Deer Trail Drive
Sedona, AZ 86336

Give yourself permission to rest and restore tapping into new sources of energy through the
practice of Yoga Nidra, while simultaneously bathing your body and soul with the sounds of the alchemy crystal bowls. Yoga Nidra is a meditative practice that requires nothing of you but to simply lie in savasana as you are systematically guided through the layers of your consciousness. 
Yoga Nidra switches you out of the fight or flight mode and into the relaxation  response, which is your body’s healing state, where revitalization and regeneration occurs.

Then allow the sounds of Cheryl’s crystal alchemy bowls to wash over you and through you.  A sound bath has the power to create, move and shift our energy. When alchemy crystal bowls are played, they can help move us energetically to higher, more refined, vibratory frequencies. Often just hearing their sounds can initiate profound shifts in well-being, relaxation, awareness and expansion of consciousness. This vibrational medicine brings balance to the hemispheres of the brain, slowing our brain waves into alpha, theta, and delta, calms our nervous system, promotes deep relaxation, helps reduce stress/anxiety, creates connection with the higher self, and induces inner peace.  It’s truly musical medicine that activates and awakens the Spirit!

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